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Below are more things you can do to prepare for The Big One. Some are easier than others, but ultimately, they all should be done. The first two are easier to read than the last – the Two Week EQ Kit. That’s how long I think you need to prepare for! So, it’s more in depth. Read the big print, and then read the fine print when you don’t understand why.

Retrofitting a Bookshelf

 Read  about how I updated my bookshelves. It describes the steps so you can do it too! Read Retrofitting a Bookshelf below.

Prepping your Kitchen
Pt 1

This file will help show you just how easy it is to prepare your kitchen and to keep it from becoming its own disaster! Really! It IS easy. Not kidding!

two week eq kit

This is a LOT of reading – the long-winded version, I like to call it. Why? Well, it answers a lot of the WHYs about WHY you need certain items in your EQ kit. And sometimes an answered WHY makes you think differently. That’s why.

And ... there's more where that came from!

Here are resources for you that go along with everything else.

Document list - FEMA

This list is important if you have a complex life – as many of us do. Consider printing it off and checking off everything as you finish.

What If for students

This document gives specific directions to school-shaped scenarios for THE BIG ONE.

The Big Bad 1st Aid Kit

Here you will find the ingredients for a Big Bad 1st Aid Kit. In red, on this document, you will find the makings of a Bigger Badder Kit. If you really want to be prepared, this will go a long way to helping you be ready.

Making A Disaster Preparedness Kit

Here is a Preparation List for the Red Cross. Their list is basic and to the point.

Here is a List from Ready.Gov – otherwise known as FEMA. Their list is a bit more involved than the previous one. Take a look. 

This list is, by far, the most comprehensive – brought to you by The Center for Disease Control – CDC. It considers many different populations/special needs categories that the others don’t.

Should I Go to a Shelter or Can I Stay At Home After a Really Big Earthquake?

Let’s get real. There are some really good reasons to go to a shelter and I’ve posted an important file on making that decision. This would be an excellent start for a conversation if you are a caregiver or have older parents. The next file is about staying at home and making it a reality IF, and it’s a BIG IF, certain criteria have been met first. If you want to know that criteria, click on the “Should I Go To A Shelter?” button. Then read “Can I Stay Home after a MAJOR Earthquake?”

So – Can I stay at home? (You were supposed to have read the previous file, “Should I Go to a Shelter?”) Are you PREPARED to stay at home? Have you done all that you can do to stay put? Read “Can I Stay Home?” Be prepared to say “Yes” a lot, because it’s a BIG commitment.


Creating your own after-earthquake environment from whatever you can find.

Let’s say that you’re at home and you can’t exactly drive away after a REALLY BIG EARTHQUAKE.  Now, you kinda HAVE to stay put and you’re not exactly ready. This file will help you think like a kid again. Imagine you need to make a bed outside to sleep on. Hmmmm. Check out my Repurposing – Making a Bed file!!