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rough quote from Dr. Lucy Jones

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The San Andreas Fault Zone

Up and down the state of California, there is evidence of the San Andreas Fault Zone. It isn’t one single fault – it’s multiple faults. (hence the word “zone”) Sometimes the evidence is clear (Hwy 14), sometimes a jumbled mess (Hwy 330).  Even more important is the relationship between the San Andreas Fault Zone and all the smaller fault lines that zig and zag under the surface throughout the state!! Click to go to the map and be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Anomalous oasis along San Andreas Fault Zone in the desert outside Palm Springs.
Massive folding on the San Andreas Fault Zone on Hwy 14 near Palmdale
NOT in California! Just a wonderful example of faulting.
San Andreas Fault Zone along Hwy 330 near San Bernardino

Whether it’s water burbling up through the surface, as in an oasis, or it’s the Pacific Plate sliding against the North American Plate, the San Andreas Fault Zone affects all of our lives in Southern California whether you see it or choose to ignore it!!