In case you’re in bed sleeping.


So, you’re sleeping and an earthquake wakes you up. First, realize that if you’re sleeping at night, it’s quite possible that the electricity will go off. Don’t jump up and think you can find your way through the house with no lights all while avoiding broken glass and obstacles that have fallen in your way.  

Cover your head – with your arms and a blanket. If you can picture in your mind anything that could fall on you – light, ceiling fan, books from a shelf, framed pictures on the wall, etc. –  scoot up or down on the bed to avoid a direct hit from those things, but don’t get up! If your situation is especially precarious because of things you have above your head and bed, roll over to the edge of the bed and let yourself down onto the floor, next to your bed. As things fall, they’ll slow down as they hit your bed first. Stay there until the earthquake has stopped. There will be aftershocks. Now, I know it’s hard, but Wait just a little bit. THINK about where your shoes are. Your shoes are close to being the most important item you’ll need first. Put your shoes on, finish getting dressed and check on other people in your household.


In case of an earthquake when you’re in the kitchen working.


If you are in the kitchen working at the stove or oven, and a major quake hits, turn the STOVE (or oven) off, put whatever is on the stove in the SINK and GET OUT to your safe place.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In case of an earthquake when you’re on the porch or in the back yard.


Since you’re already outside, LOOK up and around to see what might fall on you (trees, overhang, steps, retaining wall, etc) WALK to the middle of the yard where it’s clear and SIT DOWN!